The Marauder Strikes!

Sorry, the bombardier in a B-25C/D may not smoke...B-25

Posted by Magnus Kimura 2018-08-21 10:25:39

"Ash trays are provided for the pilot, co-pilot, navigator and radio operator."

Small Formation?Suggestions & Ideas

Posted by Magnus Kimura 2018-08-17 14:08:18

I think I have solved it today! I will put it in Word and send it to you so you can play-test it. Small Formations (2-12 bombers, 1-2 flights, maybe also three flights 16-18 ships, haven't decided yet) will be used in the MTO and PTO. I think you could combine it with low-level mission rules too (which I must revise completely).

It will be a bit difficult to find your bombers for the enemy, but once found, there may be intensive fighter attacks. Does it make sense? Before enemy contact you have -2 on MT-2. If you have encountered enemy fighters or flak you have +1 on MT-2 next turn. If there is no contact, the next turn is again -2.

You have an option of deciding how your formation will be. Will you decide to fly in formation or in a loose echelon? If loose, you may fly evasive action, as if you are out of formation, but if in formation you will use the Fighter Pilot Status modifiers.

Fighters will always make successive attacks and if you roll 51-66 for a fighter (which will be removed) during the last wave you must roll on MT-2 again.

This could work... I will put it together and try it and then send it to you.

If this works... the MTO expansion can be play-tested (excluding sea sweeps).

Any news on the He-111: The Spade?He-111: The Spade

Posted by Magnus Kimura 2018-08-12 10:40:42

No... no news, sorry about that. It has been standing still for many years now. Those of you who have been following the He-111 know that it has been play-tested and that it works, but what I must finish before it is complete is to create maps, target lists and gazetteers the for four phases of the Battle of Britain. Once you have those, you can play a He-111 campaign. Included in the downloadable files are the play-test maps, which more or less cover phase one of the Battle of Britain ([i]Kanalkampf[/i]). I would like to make changes in the rules and tables, but it works as it is. You need the B-17: QOTS rules to play. I am thinking about also making it compatible with [i]B-26: The Marauder Strikes![/i] But that is a project for the future. My idea was to create a Polish campaign, the Phony war and continue over the Battle of Britain and into 1943 when it was beginning to be phased out as a bomber. And after that you could fly the Ju 88.. So much to do! Due to personal reasons I had to put He-111 on the shelf many years ago and I haven't played it for as many years, and I never got back to work on it. I have to focus on [i]B-26[/i] and it's expansion now, but when - whenever that will be - those are finished, I will pick up work on He-111 again. Hopefully sooner though.

Mission Map - MTO - Nov 43 to Jan 44B-26: The Marauder Strikes!

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What about the B-25 Expansion?B-25

Posted by Magnus Kimura 2018-08-03 22:30:07

Working on it... I would like have it finished along with the MTO expansion, but the B-25 campaign in the MTO will have to wait, I think. In the MTO expansion bases and targets for B-25s are included, but in 1943 there will be a separate B-25 campaign expansion, which I will have to work on later, after the MTO and PTO, low-level, and night mission expansions are done.

Don't forget that with the B-25 and the B-25 campaign expansion you will be able to follow the 319th bomb group from North Africa with B-26s and then B-25s from Italy for two-three months in 1944 and then move to Okinawa and fly A-26s until the end of the war in August 1945.

Need a new computer?B-26: The Marauder Strikes!

Posted by Magnus Kimura 2018-06-05 09:25:46

Maybe YES. This is so slow now and requires a-whole-lota-patience and it takes forever to do the simplest of things.

B-26 has been standing still because of that and the MTO expansion is getting nowhere. I started the computer today to do some work on MTO before work, to see if my computer is co-operative today.

Video: A MissionVideos

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Video: Set up for a MissionVideos

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