The Marauder Strikes!

Need a new computer?B-26: The Marauder Strikes!

Posted by Magnus Kimura 2018-06-05 09:25:46

Maybe YES. This is so slow now and requires a-whole-lota-patience and it takes forever to do the simplest of things.

B-26 has been standing still because of that and the MTO expansion is getting nowhere. I started the computer today to do some work on MTO before work, to see if my computer is co-operative today.

Video: A MissionVideos

Posted by Magnus Kimura 2018-05-21 12:40:35

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Video: Set up for a MissionVideos

Posted by Magnus Kimura 2018-05-06 13:40:58

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Changing Altitude in the Target Zone?Suggestions & Ideas

Posted by Magnus Kimura 2018-05-01 11:19:21

Here is an idea, an outline now, have to work on the details.

If you judge the weather on TZ-1 to be too unfavorable for you to bomb the target you may change the altitude and go lower.

1. Enter the Target Zone.
a) Roll on TZ-1 for Weather. If you judge the weather to be unfavorable to you go to b).
b) Roll on Mission Planning Table 2 (MP-2) Mission Altitude.
c) The result on MP-2 is the altitude for the new weather condition from TZ-1. If the result is your altitude, the new weather is lower. If the result is higher, the weather is at your altitude.
Example: The new weather condition on TZ-1 is Bad. Your altitude is Column C, 10000 feet. The c)-roll on MP-2 says Column C.


I thought I had time to finish this post today... I will post this short message, and then come back and edit it. Here is an image which I am using to illustrate my idea and to help me think about how to use the existing rules and tables... It may also be helpful to you to see what he steps in the Target Zone are. It is small though...Blog image

Target List July 44, 98th, #21, changeTables & Charts

Posted by Magnus Kimura 2018-04-14 11:22:42

Target #21 on 98th Bomb Wing, July 1944 will read Railroad Embankment. Also, Viaducts, Embankments and Dikes have new damage assessment, TZ-5a. I have also made very minor revisions on a small number or Target Lists. I don't think that it will affect your Play-Testing today.Blog imageThere is no Larger Viaduct in the Core Game. You will find at least one in the MTO. Antheor Viaduct, Southern France.

Play-Test AAR B-26C Loaded for BearMission Reports

Posted by Magnus Kimura 2018-04-13 10:22:14

An AAR sent to me by a B-26 Test-Pilot. Thank you very much! I will also post more of his AARs. The answers to the comments and questions under "Play Test Comments" can be found in the Q&A Section.

B-26C Loaded for Bear

Mission No: 1

Campaign: JULY TO OCTOBER 1943, 8th AF Support Command, 8th Air Force

Date: 02-Jul-1943

Primary Target: Power station-Gosnay

Secondary Target: None

Mission Profile: Box 1, Lead Flight, #5


Box 1, Lead Flight: on target-500’/90%-superior

Box 1, Low Flight: off target, 0%

Box 1, High Flight: on target-500’/100%-excellent

Box 2, Lead Flight: on target-250’/100%-superior

Box 2, Low Flight: on target-500’/35%-poor

Box 2, High Flight: off target, 0%


Pilot: Allen Bell, 2nd Lt.

Co-Pilot: Dan Roberts, 2nd Lt.

Bombardier/Navigator: Arnold Moore, 2nd Lt.

Radio Operator: Bernard Richardson, Sgt.

Engineer: Marvin Coleman, Sgt.

Armorer: Gordon Stewart, Sgt.


Bombardier/Navigator: Arnold Moore, 2nd Lt 1x109 Serious Damage

Awards: None


1 outbound Nose Superficial

2 inbound Bomb bay Bomb bay door mechanism destroyed.

2 inbound Radio room Superficial

2 inbound Tail Superficial

2 inbound Waist Superficial

2 inbound Main bomb bay Bomb bay doors inoperable in open position.

2 inbound Right Wing Superficial



Zone 0 Take-off, no issues. Formation assembled with no casualties.

Zone 1 No formation assembly issues. Successful rendezvous with fighter support.

3 fighter waves attack:

1st wave: 2x109A-6 vertical dive, resulting in nose superficial damage.

2nd wave: 2x109A-6 12 high, no damage incurred.

3rd wave: 1x109G-6 driven off by friendly fighters.

Zone 2 Enter target zone. Formation tight box.

1 fighter wave attack:

1x109G-6 destroyed by friendly fighter cover (enemy plane exploded).

Target weather good, weak and inaccurate FLAK inbound to target resulting in no

aircraft damage or formation aircraft damage.


Zone 2 Exit target zone. Encounter heavy accurate FLAK. Bomb bay damage and 4 superficial hits. Jumped by 2x109G-6. Call for fighter support not answered. 1 bandit broke off, driven off by top turret, 1 bandit seriously damaged by nose gun and inflicted no damage.

Zone 1 Weather bad, on course. No enemy aircraft activity.

Zone 0 Weather poor, on course. Uneventful landing.

Play-Test Comments

Should table CT-3 DR result that is currently 5-6 be 5-9 instead to reflect the possible +3 modifier with a roll of 6?

On table TZ-2 it took me a while to figure out that the modifiers for no FLAK radar was based on target weather. For some reason that wasn’t obvious to me.

The group run evaluation is cool, but I was confused by it. Application of the modifiers wasn’t always clear to me. Specifically, table TZ-5b says to check AP for each flight in my box with +1. Does this mean I ignore all of the modifires on TZ-1? It would seem to me like the target size would still apply. Anyway, that’s what I did. Also, do I add the percentages in the modifiers listed on TZ-5b to what I roll? Again, that’s what I did. What does “0” in the off target column of TZ-5b mean?

Table MT-1a, what does note d? “Check information on certain counters.” mean?

A.7.2.6 note references in the flight manual look out of sync.

Wasn’t clear to me how to handle fighter support when I was knocked out of formation by FLAK as I was exiting the target zone. Do I use the support-out of formation, or the formation fighter support? I used the support-out of formation table.

Successive attacks in 7.45.7 of the rules references Think it should be

When I determine enemy fighter status and roll a Kaczmarek, does that mean the enemy fighter doesn’t attack as long as I’m in formation? In this case I was out of formation and b) on CT-2a seemed to infer that the plane pressed the attack with a Green pilot which is what I did.

Why no progress on B-26 and MTO?B-26: The Marauder Strikes!

Posted by Magnus Kimura 2018-03-26 09:49:54

I am sorry, due to personal reasons I have been very inactive lately, but I am coming back, infact doing some work on the Core Game today, not so much though, there is not so much to change or add, just working on details and today especially on MP-7, Formation Position. I will also catch up on your emails this coming week, and I hope I will be able to do so.

Why does the MTO Expansion stand still? It is because I have not been able to come up with a good rule to use small formations, 3-12 bombers and in the PTO you will also see a mighty strike force of 2 bombers. I think I found a way today which I must explore. The answer could already be on MP-7.

And the P-61? Still trying to figure out how to simulate Ground Control Intercept, the SCR-520 and 720 and Nightfighting... It must be simple, exciting, more historically correct than not... it must be fun. Don't forget that you will also see the P-70 in this game. Maybe also the P-38M and... and... there are so many German nightfighters we can add...

D-Day Week TargetsTables & Charts

Posted by Stephen Fliss 2018-02-15 19:19:34

Just to make sure I'm following the Normandy 1944 Campaign D-Day Week target table correctly: If I roll a 97th BW target result does it matter that I'm flying a B-26 instead of an A-20? I've been rolling on the 97th BW Targets Table for a B-26 mission target when I roll a "32" or "54". In effect, there is no differentiation.