The Marauder Strikes!

Attention all Play-Testers.B-26: The Marauder Strikes!

Posted by Magnus Kimura 2017-07-25 09:26:23

In about three months the Final Final B-26 will be sent to Legion. Please, if you have time, fly missions to find hidden buggz, improve the counters, find counters which are not needed, send me counters which you have created that you use on your missions, improve the rules, find contradictions, find errors... and so on. Anything at all.

I will concentrate on the Core Game and also update the A-20, A-26 and 319th from Okinawa to the latest Flight Manual and tables.

News from Randy Lein at Legion:B-26: The Marauder Strikes!

Posted by Magnus Kimura 2017-07-24 23:51:51

I've heard from Randy at Legion that B-26 is now planned for release in the spring of 2018. Please note that it is not a promise, but a plan.

In the Target Zone...Mission Reports

Posted by Magnus Kimura 2017-07-10 12:12:47

There is flak over the target at La Pollonieres rail road viaduct. It's very strong but inaccurate...

I roll 4 times on inaccurate... 3... 12... 5... 10... and that is hit, hit, miss, hit... of course.

So how many hits? I roll 2... 10.... & 5... and that is, 6 hits, 5 hits and 3 hits in one area...

6 hit: left wing, tail, waist, tail, radio room, armorer's station
5 hits: pilot compartment, right wing, waist, tail, left wing
3 hits in the pilot compartment

I have to use three lucky charms. A 109G-14 has hit my ship earlier and I used another lucky charm at that point. With the three lucky charms now there is a total of 6 superficial damage. Other damage is a punctured wheel, inoperable landing gear and the raft destroyed.

On route to the target three 109G-14s have attacked in one wave from 6 (DR6 in zone 3). Three 109A-7s came in from 6 (DR65 in zone 4) and three 109G-6s attacked from 12 (DR 66 in zone 5) before flak over the target.

I am high flight lead in box 2, lead group and we are now going to bomb this viaduct...

One Enigne OutRULES

Posted by Magnus Kimura 2017-07-06 11:47:13

Changes in 7.41.11 & 12:

7.41.1 When the engine is out

7.41.11 If you cannot restart the engine the bombs must be dropped/jettisoned.

Jettison bombs, ammunition and machine guns to stay in formation.

7.41.12 With bombs on board, you are Out of Formation (7.45.0) and the B-26 can go two more turns after the current, then the Pilot must crash land or the crew bail out at the end of the second turn at the latest. Jettison ammunition and machine guns to gain one more turn.

A Change in the Introduction?Suggestions & Ideas

Posted by Magnus Kimura 2017-07-04 13:33:29

What do you think, is this change in the introduction better and more true? It is after "The earlier models are not used in the European Theater of Operations (the ETO) in which B-26: The Marauder Strikes! is set, but will be used in 22nd Bomb Group: Marauders from Australia, an add-on variant set in the Pacific in the war against Japan in New Guinea."

The rules in this Flight Manual try to reflect the twin engined B-26 Marauder and situations and events which the crews saw on their missions and historical accuracy has been an important guideline during the development of this game.

Players familiar with B-17: Queen of the Skies or B-29 Superfortress: Bombers over Japan recognize the mechanics used in B-26. One or more 6-sided dice are rolled on tables to plan the mission, to determine if enemy fighters appear, to hit with machine gun fire and to determine damage and wounds and much more. B-26 is as easy to play as B-17 with its basic system which is similar to the mechanics in B-17: Queen of the Skies. Players who have flown missions in B-17 may find that B-26 is similar, but more detailed and there are ideas included in B-26 which can be found in the B-17: Queen of the Skies community. If you add the advanced and optional guidelines you will find B-26 to become deep, detailed and complex, but still does not stray far from the simple mechanics of the basic system. You will also find yourself in situations where you have to make a decision. The Core Game Flight Manual will be used to play the A-20 Havoc, A-26 Invader and B-25 Mitchell add-ons.

You can begin your campaign flying missions from bases in England or jump in later in the war when the B-26 groups had moved to the continent and you will find Mission Maps with your station either in England, France, belgium or the Netherlands depending on when you fly your missions. Put together a crew, name your B-26 and fly missions over France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxemburg, Germany, Austria and Chechoslovakia!

New Little Friends Counters?Suggestions & Ideas

Posted by Magnus Kimura 2017-07-02 13:52:30

2.82.0 How to use the Little Friends Counters
The image on the counters is for flavor only and depicts aircraft types that often accompanied the medium bombers as escorts. There is one counter each for Poor, Fair, Good, Forward Support and Area Cover. Place the correct counter near your B-26 on the Combat Board. If you have Close Escort with Forward Support place also the Forward Support Counter near your B-26. You find information on the counters which you will use on Table MT-2 and CT-3. (See 6.0 Luftwaffe Early Warning Operations and 7.31.0 Combat Table 3 – Fighter Cover.)

New Random Events?Suggestions & Ideas

Posted by Magnus Kimura 2017-07-02 11:19:34

Here are Random Events changes in red on a couple of tables. Not happy, but I think it is better than before. Please let me know what you think and suggestions of more, better and more interesting, more fun random events are welcome.

Forgot to include TOA-2a. Made a few changes on it, in red.

Change the frequency of Random Events?Suggestions & Ideas

Posted by Magnus Kimura 2017-07-01 09:53:55

I am not satisfied at all with the Random Events table - never have been. It got better when I changed it to the current table, but I still don't like it. I'd like to see other types of random events and maybe increase the frequence from 2 to 2-3 or maybe 2-4. That would mean that Navigation and Weather could be placed on the Random Events table.