The Marauder Strikes!

MT-2Tables & Charts

Posted by Magnus Kimura 2019-06-22 03:25:59

On MT-2

delete Low-Level Mission and modifiers.

MT-1f, Random EventsTables & Charts

Posted by Magnus Kimura 2019-05-21 09:52:34

On MT-1f DR7 add: If also 8000 feet or lower: FLAK! Check MP-4 then TZ-2.

FLAK & Evasive Action. A.8.11.4 & Flak ZoneRULES

Posted by Magnus Kimura 2019-05-21 09:01:17

When Going Around and if in a Flak Zone Evasive Action -2 will be deleted.

Evasive Action -2 is only after the Bomb Run with no bombs on board.

Box/Flight Evasive Action with NO BOMBS onboard: -2


Posted by Magnus Kimura 2019-05-15 12:51:29


As was mentioned above the B-26 until the B-26B/C-45 had two bomb bays, one main and one aft. The aft bomb bay was rarely used in the ETO and was deleted on the later B-26 models. In B-26 only the main bomb bay will be used, but as an option on short missions no longer than to Zone 3, roll 2D6. On “11-12” the aft bomb bay will be used and it will have slight extra effect on the bomb run, and will consume more fuel. (See Target Zone Table 4a & b and 5a for modification and The Fuel Consumption Chart.)

Spelling error/Freuadian slip corrected.B-26: The Marauder Strikes!

Posted by Magnus Kimura 2019-05-15 12:50:03

05.15 is not new. It is the same as 05.10 but with the corrections. I could not save the same document because it was protected so I had to save it as a new document.

05.10 will be deleted.

Spelling/Freudian Slips corrected 05/15. Minor correction on DT-6 and Main+Aft bomb bay usage in B-26 clarified, note added among MP-Tables and mod on TZ-4a/b and 5a.

A-20 on Dropbox?A-20

Posted by Magnus Kimura 2019-05-13 12:09:38

I just noticed that the A-20 on Dropbox might be the incorrect file. It has "Mid Section."

Mid Section should have been deleted. At the time I was working on the files the computer was acting up so I had to save different copies and lost control. I thought I had the correct uploaded.

I will remove A-20 from Dropbox for now.


Posted by Magnus Kimura 2019-05-13 00:18:37

I have found a magazine in my bookshelf that I had forgotten about which is a good B-25 source. There new intel about the B-25B that I must have a look at and then I may change B-details in the Damage Tables.

Fighter Counters?Counters

Posted by Magnus Kimura 2019-04-17 10:59:49

Fighter Counters will change to Fighter Cards.


...what happened to the Reggiane 2001 card? IT IS MIA! It has not been uploaded to FDD on Dropbox, I have no idea how long it has been gone. I have it printed and use it myself so I know it has been included. How long has it been gone?

I may have accidentally moved it to MTO instead of copying it...

Well, it has been added again.