The Marauder Strikes!

The Marauder Strikes!


The B-26 has arrived in the European Theater of Operations. It has now joined the B-17, B-24 and the Lancaster over the skies of war torn Europe...


Martin B-26 Marauder: The Wingless Wonder was the name of a variant of Avalon Hill's B-17: Queen of the Skies solitaire boardgame. A draft of B-26 was available for play testing which used the B-17: Queen of the Skies rules and B-17 was needed to play. Everything has changed since then, and B-26: The Marauder Strikes! has completly new mechanics and is a stand alone game. It is a solitaire game set on board a Martin B-26 Marauder medium bomber during World War Two in the European Theater of Opearations from July 1943 until the end of the war in May 1945.

B-26: The Marauder Strikes! is a big game in that there are many target lists, rules, mission maps and details which are not found in B-17: Queen of the Skies or B-29 Superfortress: Bombers over Japan. For example, the Damage Tables are more detailed than the earlier games and the combat system is similar, but completely new. The Target Lists include a large selection of targets attacked by B-26s from July 1943 until the end of the war in May 1945 and are placed on 13 maps (movement boards) which are different depending on where your base is located, from England to the Netherlands. Different models of the B-26 is also included from the early B-26 in 1941 until the B-26G which entered combat in October 1944. The earlier models are not used in the European Theater of Operations (the ETO) in which B-26: The Marauder Strikes! is set, but will be used in 22nd Bomb Group: Marauders from Australia, an add-on variant set in the Pacific in the war against Japan in New Guinea.

The rules in this Flight Manual try to reflect the twin engined B-26 Marauder and situations and events which the crews saw on their missions and historical accuracy has been an important guideline during the development of this game.

Players familiar with B-17: Queen of the Skies or B-29 Superfortress: Bombers over Japan recognize the mechanics used in B-26. One or more 6-sided dice are rolled on tables to plan the mission, to determine if enemy fighters appear, to hit with machine gun fire and to determine damage and wounds and much more. B-26 is as easy to play as B-17 with its basic system which is similar to the mechanics in B-17: Queen of the Skies. Players who have flown missions in B-17 may find that B-26 is similar, but more detailed and there are ideas included in B-26 which can be found in the B-17: Queen of the Skies community. If you add the advanced and optional guidelines you will find B-26 to become deep, detailed and complex, but still does not stray far from the simple mechanics of the basic system. You will also find yourself in situations where you have to make a decision.

The Core Game Flight Manual will be used to play the A-20 Havoc, A-26 Invader and B-25 Mitchell add-ons.

You can begin your campaign flying missions from bases in England or jump in later in the war when the B-26 groups had moved to the continent and you will find Mission Maps with your station either in England, France, Belgium or the Netherlands depending on when you fly your missions. Put together a crew, name your B-26 and fly missions over France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxemburg, Germany, Austria and Chechoslovakia!

The World's 1st A-26 Invader AAR - EVER!

A-26Posted by Magnus Kimura 2015-04-19 10:56:57

Ok, the subject of this post sounds very impressive, but this AAR and what follows is actually not that impressive. It's just that I finished the A-26 Add-On yesterday and this is my very first A-26 Invader Mission. I had A-26 finished many years ago, but that was based on B-17: QOTS and I never flew any mission with it. So here it is, the very first A-26: The Invader's Wrath first mission:

September 1, 1944 (Historical Note: A-26 1st mission in the ETO: Sept. 6 to Brest)

After Action Report

A-26A Crew Chief: MSgt Joseph Lieberman (+2) (0 SP)

FOXY FOXIE (1 missions)

Pilot: 2LT Reynold York (1)
Gunner: Pfc Jason Devlin (1)

Position in Flight: Lead #6, Box 2, Lead Group
Altitude: 8000 feet
Bomb Load: 6x 500
Initial Point: 6
Fighter Cover: Close - fair (no RV, none on this mission.)
Enemy Resistance: Light
Weather Forecast: Good (to fair)
Secondary Target:
Flak: Heavy
To Target - moderate, fair
Return - moderate, fair
Formation Casulties: Low #1, Low #6, Lead #4
Bomb Run:
Box 1: Off
Box 2: Excellent (85%)
Tail Group - Box 1: Good
Tail Group - Box 2: DNB
Target Damage Assessment: Excellent

External Damage: (BIP!)
Internal Damage: Upper turret; Intercom, Nose ammo boxes
Superficial Damage: Nose, Bomb Bay.
Mechanical Failure: Main Landning Gear
Fuel Consumption (Target Zone/ Turns Flown/ Total Fuel/Used): 4/10/84/29

During my pre-mission steps, right before take-off, I remembered that I had forgotten to create a crew chief. I rolled "12" which meant an experienced crew chief with the rank of master sergeant and skill is +2. Very good! He will also give me an extra Lucky Charm when ever I recieve one from one of the Crew Chief Tables (House Rules) on a D6 roll of 1-2.

The next die roll was to see how the preparation went on my plane for the incoming mission. I rolled "2" which means that I will have to check for mechanical failures each turn on this mission. Wonderful. But, since this is a new plane and my men are not yet fully trained on this type and have little experience on it, this result was right along the story. My dice knew this of course.

We had no problems during take-off, everything went well. We reached the fighter cover RV point, but with bad weather in the area they were not to be seen. The mission commander decided to continue because no fighter opposition was expected on this mission. (I did not roll for the MC's decision. I would have rolled for if this was not the first mission with A-26.)

Over Brest there was heavy, moderate, fair flak. The weather had changed from good to fair. Two ships in our low flight left earlier and now my #4 had to leave because of flak damage. I was also hit. The upper turret lost power and became inoperable, I lost ammo in the nose and the intercom died.

Box 1 was off target, but our bomb run was on and excellent! Box 1 in the tail group had good results, but the last box did not bomb due to clouds. The aim point was not identified.

Flak had not changed in intensity or accuracy. I was hit, but the shell went right through the bomb bay, just making a large big hole. (It was actually a BIP in the bomb bay. The tank exploded and my ship went down with the crew. Buuuuut, since this was my first A-26 mission and I did not like that BIP at all, I gave Foxy Foxie a Lucky Charm and the BIP became superficial damage.)
When Brest was behind us, I had problems with the main gear. (Mechanical Failure.) Between France and Guernsey lead was off course, but soon got us back on and took us back to Maupertus. I had to belly land. My crew chief Lieberman was not at all happy with the belly landing and became a little angry when he discovered the large hole in the bomb bay.


2LT, Reynold York

The second mission, also to Brest, ended with an emergency landing in Z4, not far from the target. #1 out and gear was down and locked creating a drag. Couldn't restart the engine and there was no emergency landing ground in the area.

The primary target, defended area, was cloud covered. Our lead did not identify the aim point so we continued to the secondary target instead, just a few miles to the south of Brest, another defended area at Crozon. Flak hit me as we left Crozon.

Heavy guns, medium intensrity, fair accuracy. One of the bursts was near and the left wing took five hits. On the bomb run I was also hit by one burst which damaged the bomb bay with five hits. The wing hits caused my emergency landing. The gear dropped down causing a drag. Then the main tank was hit and it began to leak. Engine #1 ranaway and died, I could not restart it. (Had to stay one more turn in the current zone, 4.)

Out of formation I radioed for fighter support. Two little friends came to our aid. With one engine out and drag I could not stay in the air much longer. I had to find a field to land at within 25 miles.

I found a place to land at, but it was a rough landing. We were safe though and in friendly territory. I don't want to set it on fire to destroy it now. I'm sure it can be fixed and I can fly back to Maupertus.

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